Moving is stressful enough as it is, but the added cost of movers makes it even worse. The last thing you need is to add more financial strain to an already expensive undertaking. We have created a moving quote calculator that takes into account all the variables involved in moving for a two-bedroom apartment. Check out this article if you want to learn more about how we can help you with your upcoming move.

How much does moving cost for a two bedrooms apartment in San Francisco?

If you plan to move locally the average cost for moving a two bedrooms apartment is $931. For a one-bedroom apartment, the cost lies between $560 and $678. However, if you plan to leave some items in storage then you can expect to pay $212 for a one-month storage facility. If you require a moving or parking permit then you must check out the website of San Francisco’s Municipal transportation agency. 

The cost differs according to distance as well. For a local move, it can be anywhere between $300 to $1500. But for long-distance, it can charge as much as $5500. 

An estimate according to moving items/articles is as below:

Small box (1.5 cu. ft.) 16”x12.5”x12.5” $2.00 per box
Medium Box (3.0 cu. ft.) 18.5”x18”x16” $3.00 per box
Large Box (4.5 cu. ft) 24” x 18.5” x 18” $4.00 per box
Medium dish pack heavy duty 18.5” x 18” x 16” $6.00 per box
Dish pack Heavy Duty 18” x 18” x 28” $8.00 per box
Mirror Pack Universal (large) $6.00 per box
Wardrobe Box Kit 20” wide $15.00 per box
Mattress Bag (Twin, full, queen, King) $10.00 each
Small Bubble Wrap 12” x 150 $30.00 per roll
Bubble Wrap $1.00 per foot
Packing paper
Blanket $20.00 per pad
Shrink Wrap 18” x 1500 $35.00 per Roll
Tape Clear 2” x 55´ $2.50 each

Which is the busiest moving season?

Apart from being expensive and time-consuming, moving house is, well, very stressful. Finding a day that suits your schedule (your landlord doesn’t return your calls), getting boxes and packing paper and wrapping everything to double-check everything’s packed (which you then forget about once the movers arrive), trying to keep the kids from tracking muddy paw prints all over the carpets. Therefore you need to figure out which season might be the best for your coming move. More often, summers and especially August is the peak season because numerous students are already on the move as many prestigious universities are located in the surrounding areas. 

Which factors might affect your moving costs?

Moving house is expensive. You’ve seen the costs and they aren’t cheap. In fact, they may surprise you. And then there are all the other moving-related costs to factor in temporary housing, shipping, packing supplies, business disruption. Moving can be stressful enough without having to worry about all these associated costs. Get your move cost predictions for both local and long-distance moves instantly on a variety of factors that affect the price of your move. 

  • The distance you are covering in the move.
  • The amount of stuff you possess.
  • Is it local or long distance?
  • The time of the year you are planning the move
  • If you need a moving service.
  • Kind of movers you hired

Some cost-saving ideas for moving two-bedroom apartment

Finding a good deal on a two-bedroom apartment can be tough, especially if you’re trying to move during high-demand times like the summer. To save money, consider applying for a moving company discount code before you start looking for places. You might also be able to get free estimates from furniture companies.

  • Look for discount codes

Before you look for two-bedroom apartments, search for moving company discount codes. Some major companies offer special deals for new customers over the internet. If you already know where you want to live, try posting an ad on craigslist and see if anyone has two-bedroom apartment coupons they can use with you.

  •  Find a spacious apartment

If you’re searching for 2 bedroom apartments, make sure they have enough storage space. You need extra closet space and some drawers if possible. So you don’t need to book storage space by moving service to keep that extra luggage. 

  •  Look out for extra costs

When moving into a new home it is important that you are aware of all the fees associated with moving your home or apartment. There could be charges for carpet cleaning or paint touch-up as well as other miscellaneous charges that might surprise you when they come up at lease signing time.

  •   Prepare well for the move to save the cost

Moving is a time-consuming and very stressful event. There are always so many details to take care of, but sometimes it can seem like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. The following are some helpful tips to follow during your move, which will drastically cut down on your stress level and help you enjoy the process more.

When you’re packing, remember it’s better to pack loosely than tightly. You don’t want to be struggling with your belongings when it comes time for the movers to collect them.

When moving any piece of furniture, you need to check that it has wheels. This is extremely important if you’re going up or downstairs. You could easily find yourself injured if you have to move something too heavy by yourself.

Make sure that you have plenty of boxes available before you start packing things up. You don’t want to find yourself scrambling around looking for more boxes at the last minute; this could lead to damage of items as well as general disorganization when trying to pack things away in a hurry. Pack heavy things on the bottom and lighter things on top so that they balance out. Try to minimize damage by separating fragile objects with crumpled paper or newspaper sheets between them before placing them in boxes.

The best way to save money on a move is by using professional movers. Hiring professionals will make your life so much easier and ensure that nothing gets damaged during the move. But by adhering to the above-mentioned tips you can save their time and effort thus money for yourself. 

  • Moving supplies

Do not buy any moving supplies unless it is absolutely necessary. There are many ways to get free boxes, tape, and moving supplies like bubble wrap on craigslist and by asking your friends and family members.

  •  Truck Rental 

You do not need to rent a truck if you can borrow one from a friend or family member. If you cannot, you can rent one for as little as $25/day.

  • Packing

Do not pay someone to pack for you unless it is absolutely necessary because it will cost at least $100-$200 depending on the size of your apartment. If you have a friend that knows how to pack, ask them if they would be willing to help you out.

  •  Storage 

Storage units can cost around ~$50-$100/month depending on the size of your unit. It is recommended to only store things that are too big to fit in your new apartment or things that are sentimental such as pictures or important papers. Things like couches and entertainment units can be taken apart.

Hire a moving company with cost-saving tips

Getting in touch with local and long-distance moving companies, you should compare the costs of moving to a two-bedroom apartment.

Truck rental is a basic cost of moving house, it includes mileage, delivery, and return. It is always better to check the tariff with the company in order to avoid hidden charges.

Using movers is an option if you want to save money on your move. You can hire one or more movers to help you pack, load, and unload your belongings. The cost will also increase if you choose to increase the number of movers. So always try to decrease the workload like packing or loading to avoid the cost associated with a number of movers.

Most companies who offer local and long-distance moving services also offer packing and unpacking services. These services are offered by different movers and they each charge different rates for their labor.

Another choice is to do all the packing and loading yourself, this can save on labor charges from moving companies who offer packing as a service. It also gives you more control over what gets packed and what stays behind. There are many types of boxes that can be used for packing purposes such as cardboard boxes made specifically for household goods, glass boxes for fragile items, plastic bins for storing clothes, and so on. There are also specialty boxes available from home improvement stores that can be used for just about anything you’d like to pack away in them such as clothes, dishes, office equipment, etc. 

Distance matters

The cost of moving to a two-bedroom apartment depends on how far you need to travel. If you are moving locally, it will be cheaper than if you are moving across state lines.

Front door access to moving truck matters

How far your two-bedroom apartment is located from the access door to the moving truck can also impact and determine your moving cost. If it’s located on the ground floor then it’s a lot easier for movers to carry your stuff to the truck hence fewer charges. 

Which factors to consider while choosing a moving service?

Stressed with all the moving madness – carrying your furniture, handling it with care, and making sure you don’t bump into any of your new neighbors while doing so?

Many people suffer from this. Don’t let stress ruin the joys of relocation! Hire a moving service to do all the hard labor for you! What are other factors one should consider while hiring a moving service? There are some important aspects to consider while selecting a moving company. You need to be confident that the company can provide you with quality service and that they have an existing database of clientele to support their claims. It is essential that you keep in mind these three aspects when selecting a mover. 

It would be great if you could browse their website and find reviews, upload an itemized list of goods, chat to a moving coordinator, check their rates and schedule an in-home estimate before you settle on one.

The search for a reliable moving expert is a mixture of hope and fear. Hope there is someone who will do it on time, at the lowest price possible, with all packed items safe, while fear they can’t handle the pressure. When you choose dywers Movers, your worries disappear. We have been in business for years. Our goal is to provide the best quality service that fits our clients’ budgets. Our crew has vast experience in moving goods both locally and long-distance  – from apartments to condos, from small business offices to executive suites in skyscraper-high buildings. We take care of your valuable property so you don’t have to worry about it any longer. 

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